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Mental Toughness Coaching


Mental Toughness - One to One sessions

These are challenging and difficult times but within challenge there are always opportunities to change, evolve and adapt. If you are absolutely committed to making lasting changes in your life and/or have objectives and goals that you wish to achieve, then let's get to work. Call or contact me without any obligations to discuss what you would like to change or achieve. Sessions are available in person or by phone/Skype.

Mental Toughness - Small Group Training Sessions
(Days, Evenings and Weekends)

I provide training sessions at Harley Street for small groups of people (4-6 persons). The training sessions last for 90 minutes and there are 6 weekly sessions. I provide you with all the documents and literature you need. This is a low cost and fun way to learn about mental toughness skills and philosophy, so that you can then apply what you learn to you own needs and goals. Private individuals and companies are welcome. If you are interested in doing small group training then please get in contact.

Mental Toughness - Training for Coaches, Trainers and Hypnotherapists

I provide professional development training for individuals and groups. If you would like to learn how to apply Mental Toughness skills and philosophy to your own professional practice, then please get in touch to discuss your requirements without any obligations.

Mental Toughness Training and Courses for Organisations

Training in mental toughness, resilience and confidence gives people and organisations a competitive edge, you are learning the attitudes, qualities and skills that enable you to perform effectively and thrive under difficult and challenging conditions.

We specialise in providing training for people and organisation development. Our courses are aimed at people in demanding positions and organisations going through changes. The focus is on mental toughness and resilience so that you can meet challenges head-on with confidence.

We are qualified and experienced therapists with private practices in Harley Street. We have developed these courses based on what we have seen as a growing need for people and their organisations to be more resilient within an increasingly challenging and demanding business environment.

There is no new age mumbo jumbo here. We teach you empirically tested and proven concepts from psychology, behavioural psychology and biopsychology. We will challenge and change people's attitudes together with their thinking, behaviour, emotions and physiology. We aim for lasting and philosophical change in your people so that participants can put into practise what they learn on a long-term basis, rather than participants becoming hyped up for two or three days and then returning to their old habits.

Training courses are developed around the current and future needs of your organisation. We will consult with you to discuss the course content, format and objectives that you would like to achieve. Wherever possible, we are keen to be evidence based so that you can measure the results of your investment with us. Training can be provided on a day or weekly basis to fit around your staffing and operational needs.

We aim to increase-

  • Mental Toughness, Resilience and Confidence
  • Rational Thinking
  • Focus
  • Productivity
  • Performance
  • Motivation
  • Morale
  • Communication. Cooperation and Collaboration

We aim to reduce-

  • Conflict
  • Procrastination
  • Frustration
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Employee turnover
  • Sickness
  • Absenteeism

As a result of this training it is our aim that your people will be-

  • Mentally and physically stronger and more resilient.
  • Thrive on change and challenge with confidence.
  • Function more effectively as individuals and as teams.
  • Concentrate and think more effectively under pressure.
  • Communicate and cooperate more effectively under pressure.
  • Handle mental strain and negative emotions.
  • More resilient to anxiety, depression, mental and physical strain

Your Trainers

Nicola Martin

Nicola has over twenty years of experience in clinical practice and presenting courses, She is the Principal of the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis (ICH). Her philosophy is that training should be interesting, easy to digest and above all an enjoyable experience. She is keen that participants can put into practise what they learn on a long-term basis. Nicola has a reputation for being a charismatic and entertaining trainer. Nicola has private practices in Wimpole Street, W1 and South London.

Phil Pearl

Phil specialises in mental toughness and resilience. He provides training and coaching for groups and individuals. He has held senior positions within retail, sales and media organisations. Phil is passionate about helping people challenge and change their thinking and behaviour, so they can achieve their objectives with confidence. He has previously provided training for corporate, government and public organisations. Phil is a qualified master clinical hypnotherapist, and has  private practices in Harley Street and Kensington London.

If you would like further details email to discuss your needs without any obligations.


Public Courses and Seminars

If you would like to be kept updated on future public seminars and courses on Mental Toughness, Resilience and Confidence or Mental Toughness for Weight Loss, email or register for the newsletter on the home page

Here are some previous comments from course attendees:


Newhaven Pupil Referral Unit, and short stay annexe Greenwich.


"Very worthwhile, thought provoking material"


"The course was presented with excellent knowledge and information"


"The course has helped me look at how I see myself"


"Phil clearly knows his stuff - good range of material"


"Phil is funny and engaging, he made the whole day fun and interesting"


"The course was thought provoking and useful both personally and professionally"


"A wealth of material for future reference, logically arranged"


"Phil is an excellent presenter"


"An outstanding presenter - funny, wise, knowledgeable"


"Excellent, informative and relevant"


"Well presented, entertaining and useful"


"Comprehensive handout and reference material - excellent aid"


"Presenter was excellent; articulate, good rapport with audience, humorous and informed"


"Variety of activities ensured we all remained alert and involved"


"Please come back!"



The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)


"Phil knew his stuff and presented very well"


"A very informative course, not too technical with the right amount of time given to each topic"


"A good balance of information, and advice"


"I liked the breathing and relaxation therapy"


"Now I know how to manage my personal stress"


"It was a worthwhile course, I really enjoyed it"


Call or email me for a free pre-consultation discussion by telephone, without any obligations.

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Mental Toughness Coaching, Training & Hypnotherapy London


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